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REVIEW: Baseball — America’s Favorite Pastime

It was the bottom of the ninth, and the Yankees were behind but with a bit of luck they could still take it out. Hope floated about the stadium as the crowds held their breath. I was just happy to have learnt what ‘bottom of the ninth’ meant.

Where I come from baseball isn’t all that popular, so being in America I figured it was time to get amongst the game known affectionately as America’s favourite pastime. However, I didn’t want to start at the bottom and make my way through the little leagues. I went straight to the top, buying tickets to see the big players.

In our own test, we put the New York Yankees at the massive Yankee Stadium in New York up against the Boston Red Sox at their beloved home of Fenway Park in Boston. Here’s how the stadiums and ballgames played out.

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TRAVEL: Things To Do In New York City

The Big Apple doesn’t actually have much to do with apples at all, but it does have a lot of other cool stuff. In fact, New York City has so much cool stuff in it that it’s worth making a list of the things you want to do and see.

Through the magic of blogging, here’s one I prepared earlier.

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REVIEW: The Broadway Experience – A Tale of Addiction

I had been in New York City for two months, exploring the sites and living the dream, but something vital was missing. I looked from the top of skyscrapers and from the depths of the Subway, but I couldn’t find it. Then one day I received a gift in the form of a golden ticket… a ticket that would lead me down a one-way path to the big-time.

I now share with you the story of my descent into theatre as I became addicted to the NYC Broadway Experience.

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TRAVEL: New York City – The Lifestyle

How do you describe New York City? What makes it the unique city that it is? It’s more than a big city with a pointy skyline, and it has to be more than its skyscrapers, its razzle-dazzle Broadway shows, and its fancy flagship stores.

Calling the Big Apple home for almost a year, I got to see the real New York City as an entire way of life. Stick with me as I attempt to describe the secret ingredients of the city that never sleeps.

[NOTE: Contains nuts, and long confusing paragraphs mixed with cooking metaphors.]

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TRAVEL: New York City – The Place

I grew up in the Bronx. Well, I lived there for almost seven months, in a wealthy, historic Jewish neighbourhood, but I did grow there in various ways, so technically, it’s a true statement. I mean, I had like five different loyalty stamp cards and a gym membership. Then I moved to Manhattan for almost three months, and grew up there, too.

New York was our home base while exploring the United States, and while living there, we got to see quite a bit. This is how I saw the city of all cities.

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TRAVEL: A Broken Computer and New Plans

This is an update to explain why I haven’t updated in a long time, what’s been happening, and what’s going to happen.

My travel plans have changed in a big way. I was supposed to be finished with the USA in July after exploring this vast land, but something happened. It involved mumbling crackheads, an Amish dairy farm, the Declaration of Independence, US Visa forms, and the Boston Red Sox. Now, my planned stay of 6 months has turned into exactly eight months and counting.

Please allow me to elaborate.

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