TRAVEL: Pennsylvania — Country, Chocolate and A Cheesesteak

Almost two months of living amongst the cramped, concrete jungle of New York City was beginning to get to us, and we felt like we needed a break from urban life – somewhere we could get back to nature, and away from the hustle and bustle of modern living. We wanted the simple life.

Researching into where we could find this kind of lifestyle, we read about the Amish communities and their shunning of modern technology. We read about their horse-drawn buggies, and their black and white clothes. Then we read that they lived only two and a half hours away from New York in the state of Pennsylvania. Throw in visits to the chocolate town of Hershey and the city of Philadelphia, and we had found our next American trip.

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TRAVEL: Washington, DC

We had now been in the United States of America for over a month, but I still felt like I knew nothing about the place. I’d had a taste of the American dream in LA and NYC, but who was running the show? Who called the shots here? It was time to head to America’s central nervous system – the brain of the country.

Soon enough, we had a bus ticket to Washington, DC, and I was on a mission to visit the president.

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TRAVEL: Things To Do In New York City

The Big Apple doesn’t actually have much to do with apples at all, but it does have a lot of other cool stuff. In fact, New York City has so much cool stuff in it that it’s worth making a list of the things you want to do and see.

Through the magic of blogging, here’s one I prepared earlier.

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REVIEW: The Broadway Experience – A Tale of Addiction

I had been in New York City for two months, exploring the sites and living the dream, but something vital was missing. I looked from the top of skyscrapers and from the depths of the Subway, but I couldn’t find it. Then one day I received a gift in the form of a golden ticket… a ticket that would lead me down a one-way path to the big-time.

I now share with you the story of my descent into theatre as I became addicted to the NYC Broadway Experience.

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My First Time With Fireflies

Living in America, I learned that if you haven’t done it at least once by the time you pass your mid-teens, you’re pretty much a joke. There’s a lot of pressure to get out there and get your first time over and done with, and if you don’t, it’s going to make for some awkward situations later in life.

As I didn’t grow up in the land of opportunity, the opportunity never presented itself, so I went on without thinking twice. However, a move to the United States showed me that I was missing out and I needed to get out there and do it before anyone found out. It was time for me to man up and catch myself some fireflies for the first time ever.

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TRAVEL: New York City – The Lifestyle

How do you describe New York City? What makes it the unique city that it is? It’s more than a big city with a pointy skyline, and it has to be more than its skyscrapers, its razzle-dazzle Broadway shows, and its fancy flagship stores.

Calling the Big Apple home for almost a year, I got to see the real New York City as an entire way of life. Stick with me as I attempt to describe the secret ingredients of the city that never sleeps.

[NOTE: Contains nuts, and long confusing paragraphs mixed with cooking metaphors.]

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TRAVEL: New York City – The Place

I grew up in the Bronx. Well, I lived there for almost seven months, in a wealthy, historic Jewish neighbourhood, but I did grow there in various ways, so technically, it’s a true statement. I mean, I had like five different loyalty stamp cards and a gym membership. Then I moved to Manhattan for almost three months, and grew up there, too.

New York was our home base while exploring the United States, and while living there, we got to see quite a bit. This is how I saw the city of all cities.

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