About Dion

“I always knew it was going to be hard growing up with a secret identity…”

My name is Dion. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand, to a mother called Mum, a father called Dad, and a machine called TV.

I like dinosaurs, space, music, movies, art design, and other stuff. I especially like chilled beverages.

I dislike egg, goopy tomatoes, and getting out of bed when I’m sleepy.

My favourite posessions are my laptop computer, my cell phone, and my guitars.

For a more objective look at me, I can offer some quotes from an old teacher of mine. Here are some excerpts from my 1994 primary school report – please note, there may be a slightly positive spin, as I think the teachers may have been told to be more encouraging in our reports, as to not give us children self esteem issues:

LANGUAGE: Oral and Written
Dion participates in group discussions and often has good ideas to offer. He writes descriptively on a variety of topics and especially likes to write imaginative stories which are enjoyed by all. He is skilled in proof-reading and editing his own work. Very good progress in Spelling.

He shows enthusiasm for books and reading independently and is able to find and organise information from his reading.

Dion shows interest and good development in attitude, knowledge and skills in Science and Social Studies. Pleasing results in ‘The Seashore’ study.

Dion has continued to work hard in Maths, both in group work and independently. He has a sound understanding of Number operations and thinks logically when solving problems.

He has produced some excellent Art works this year, particularly sketches which are interesting and detailed. He participates well in Physical Education and Fitness.

Dion relates well with peers and is a popular boy in this class.

Dion has developed a more mature attitude and seldom needs a reminder to show consideration for others. Very pleasing progress in all areas this year.

“Excellent progress Dion. Well done.”
-The Principal


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