The Incredible Bendy Bus Experience

New Zealand has based its international tourism on ‘extreme’ sports and adventures. Birthplace of commercial extreme sports entrepreneur A.J. Hackett, the country is riddled with scenic spots for thrilling adventures such as bungy jumping, skydiving, luging, and base jumping.

In an effort to bring this type of extreme thrillseeking experience to more urban areas, vertical bungy towers have been erected in many major city centres around the country, with the Auckland one being a few metres down the road from the country’s tallest building, which you can also climb, walk around, and jump from.

However, despite these new city attractions, reports showed that urban extreme sports numbers were dwindling compared to their outer-city counterparts. It seemed that the city needed something more, something different, and so began a new kind of urban adventure for the city-dwelling extremists out there. Thrillseekers were introduced to the Bendy Bus.

If you thought riding a regular bus was fun, imagine the fun you could have on a bus that was almost twice as long! The all new incredible bending bus is an amazing new invention created by taking a regular bus, and then attaching the back half of another bus to the end of it with a state of the art bending mechanism to hold them together.

For the price of a regular bus fare, Bendy Bus riders can choose to enjoy one of different thrilling levels! If you feel it will scare her too much, Wee Dorothy can sit up at the front end of bus, completely oblivious to the wacky bendy action occurring behind her. For those who feel they can handle a little heart rate elevation, they can sit in the back end of the vehicle, and see the mind boggling bendy action every time they turn a corner. However, if you’re really up to the complete experience, or you really want to impress that young lass you’re with, then you’ll have to choose to ride right in the bend itself. From the bend, you’ll experience the thrilling sight of both ends of the giant bus bending around you, and you’ll be able to feel the magnificent power of gravity and kinetic energy! The physics of it all will astound you!

“It was incredible, I’ve never experienced anything like it! And when I told my girlfriend about it, she was so impressed that she let me get to third base!”
-Jimmy, a keen thrillseeker after riding the Bendy Bus

If you like the feel of your heart racing in your chest, or simply want to impress that girl enough to speak to you, then ride the bendy bus today! Day passes, family packages, and concession tickets are also available.

Say goodbye to that rickety old regular bus, and get a piece of the incredible Bendy Bus!

Bendy bus not recommended for people with heart conditions, epilepsy, or foul body odour. Drivers are trained to a minimum licensed requirement. Ride at your own risk. Drivers are not trained in science, so do not ask them about physics behind the ride. May not result in popularity.


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