Dion’s First Blog Post

It was a cold and rainy night as I sat alone in my little house, and I realised something was missing from my life. I began to feel like I was falling behind in the world, and I needed something new. I needed a blog.

All the cool kids were making blogs, so I decided to start one, too. I can post reviews of things like music, movies, and restaurants, and maybe people will start to turn to me for advice on what to like. And I can comment on current events, being all topical and referencing specific news articles, and maybe I will end up being the man in the know after uncovering name-suppressed criminals. Maybe I will write about new ways of living and become the visionary behind building a new future.

Honestly, though, I’m probably just going to write about making fun of stupid things I see around the place.

Anyway, if you have no idea who I am, feel free to click ‘About Dion’ up top.



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